Monday, July 22, 2013

Working on custom orders.

I've always been a fan of creating custom orders for my customers.  I know last post I said that I love the photography part of my job the most but custom orders is a very close number 2.  Almost tied ;)

I recently had a request for a custom Nebula locket necklace.  I was really excited about this one!  I set to work and created 4 unique lockets.  I didn't realize though that the customer wanted it to be antiqued brass- not antiqued silver!  That's ok though, because they were a lot of fun to make.  So I was happy to do a handful more in brass for my customer to choose from.

I went ahead and finished the antiqued silver lockets, and am excited to add them to the shop this week.  I also was inspired to make a handful of unique OOAK rings.

Here's a peek of some of those rings and lockets!

One thing I will have to warn you of, if you start following my blog, is that it will ALWAYS be pic heavy!  I love taking the pictures, and I have the overwhelming urge to share ALL the pics.  

I am very surprised and happy with how all of these pictures turned out, the weather hasn't been the best lately.  Many days I will wake up, see a clear sky and think to myself  "Self, today is a great day for photos."  Then, within a few hours, around the time I am ready to take pictures... The sky darkens and the rain starts.

Don't get me wrong- I live in the desert and have always been a lover of a rainy day... But sitting on pieces for days on end and wanting to take pictures drives me a little batty!

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